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Weekly Prepared Meals

Meals prepared in the comfort of your home, ready in an hour or less. Packages starting at $250 + groceries. 

Chef does menu planning, shopping, preparation, meals are labeled and dated.

Contact chef for more details

Grocery Shopping

Menu Planning

Recipe Building

Don't have time to make it to the store? 

Tired of wondering what to cook or eating out?

Have the chef send you menu and recipe ideas for you to cook with your family, he can even do the shopping for you and drop on your porch.

$100.00 / flat fee

Contact chef for more details

Special Diets and Injury Recovery

Just been diagnosed or recovering from a surgery or injury? Need help or guidance on a new diet plan? 

The chef can come help prepare meals in the comfort of your kitchen, give tips or ways to help on your new food lifestyle shift.

Pricing varies.

Contact chef for more details

Private Events

Business Luncheons

Cooking Classes

Tired of going to restaurants, having to make a reservation or wait for a table? Have the chef come cook a plated dinner, cocktail party, or wine pairing dinners.

Want to give back to your employees for working hard? Have weekly luncheons delivered to your office.

Chef menu plans, shops, cooks and serves in the comfort of your kitchen. Pricing is hourly based + the cost of groceries.

Contact chef for more details

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